Friday, April 3, 2009

The Ephemeral in Nature- Photo Carnival

Trinh from the blog submits this untitled photo of pomegranates on a tree. Very Raquel Zimmerman for Marc Jacobs and I love it!

Rocio sends in this photo of a beautiful Jamaican sunset. The colors are unreal and she tells me she snapped it from a moving car! Bravo.

Meredith provided this lovely photo of a fern fiddlehead in macro and has some wonderful photos on her link. In my book you can never go wrong with ferns and I love the light colored background. Really makes the fern details pop.

Jennifer from notes "Danger lurks in the form of a camouflaged spider." Look closely and you can see the drama unfolding in this beautiful shot.

Michelle at the blog provided this dramatic shot "Trillium by stream." I've never seen this plant before and the color of the bud is amazing.

Thanks to all who participated and go check out their blogs- you are all so talented! I'll host a photo carnival again soon so stay tuned...


  1. Great job everyone, love the photo shots!

  2. Aren't they good.
    “All is ephemeral, - fame and the famous as well”
    Marcus Aurelius


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